Armed only with a guitar, Rosli Mansor’s penchant for weaving intriguing tales into songs has given his music a unique quality that will bring listeners on a soulful, intimate journey. Rosli remembers growing up in a home where a wide range of musical genres was constantly being played. Receiving his first guitar at the tender age of 10, Rosli’s budding interest in music soon grew into lifelong passion under the influence of music from The Beatles, The Carpenters, Robben Ford, Jeff Beck, Bill Frisell, Larry Carlton and fretless guitar legend, Erkan Oğur. Since realising his dream as a musician, Rosli has released two instrumental albums. Dragged (2007) not only marked his debut but it was also Singapore’s first full-fledged rock guitar instrumental album. He released his follow-up, Deeper Than Purple, in 2010 to critical acclaim, earning rave reviews from local news publications TodayOnline, the Business Times and others. His versatility and talents are not just limited to the realm of rock music and his compositions can be heard in many Singapore short films, theatre plays and cable television. Rosli is also a sought-after music educator who is constantly evolving and improving his guitar skills and teaching methods, such as his self-originated “3 Ms of Songwriting” to guide musicians through the songwriting process, so that he can best impart his vast knowledge and experience to beginners and professionals alike. He has nurtured many prominent local guitarists and helped them to get a head start on many local stages, and some of them have even went on to become great guitar instructors themselves. Rosli regularly conducts workshops and carries out product demonstrations for Swee Lee, one of the largest music retailer and distributor in South-east Asia. His talent and professionalism have made him as one of the most respected, experienced and prolific recording and live session guitarists in the region. As such he is currently endorsed by legendary amplifier maker, Marshall Amplification, as well as many other iconic brands past and present.