What have I learnt from Time?


Sorry I'm Late

It’s more than a gift of Life.

More than sunsets and sunrise.

More than laughter and pain.

More than smiles and heartbreaking moments.

It’s more than Life itself.

Time can be limited or infinite.

It can be valuable. It also can be wasted.

It chapters your missions and it watches you grow.

Time can be your enemy or your friend.


Sorry I'm Late


It exposes what you are made of and how much you know.

Time is a Lifetime of learning.

One of the most valuable lessons to me, is Love. It takes very short time to fall in love but a very long time to get over it. For sure, it takes a lifetime for us to understand what love is.

And for certain, Time heals and reminds us what love is.



I wrote this song back in 2009 for my parents and dedicate it to them.

It is the story they might have not told anyone when they fell in love and promised each other to meet again after they leave this earth.

It is about a man who lost his love; a man who endured pain and heartbreak never knowing if he would ever be reunited with his true love. A song about how we have to manage our time left on this earth when someone we love is gone out of our life.

A story to represent undying love


Sorry I'm Late

As it’s all about Time.


‘Sorry I’m Late’ is a track from Rosli’s second instrumental album ‘Deeper Than Purple’.

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