Rescuing Rukia

The Gemini Tree

As the boat passes the burning buildings and swarms of ghastly faces, Pizzahead Boy followed the darting yellow beam heading towards a misty island. It halted to a stop as it reached land and lingered.

Cutting through the heavy mist, his heart was racing each time he plunged the oars into the water. With caution, he approached the island, and when the mist began to clear, he saw an old, ancient tree.

The tree has two gnarly limbs waving in the air, and curious creatures were gathered around it, each lost in their own world. Pizzahead Boy, now exhausted and drained, stopped paddling but the boat drifted towards the island, like a magnet.

A gentle wave pushed the boat ashore, but Pizzahead Boy was unwilling to get off.

The scent on the island was comforting, yet strange. And suddenly the tree spoke, in a low crackling voice.

“Welcome home .. Pizzahead.“

“Home? I’ve never been here .. or have I? who are you?“ said Pizzahead Boy.

“I am the Gemini Tree. You are home and we all missed you.”

“Did you lead me here with that beam of light?“ Pizzahead Boy asked, warily.

“Yes, I did. You were lost. And we sent you Hatta, the yellow one.”

“Hatta? I know him .. But it was a long time ago.” Pizzahead Boy murmured.

The Tree continued “You were battered and tattooed. And it is now time for you to meet the rest of us to prepare you for your next destination.”

Pizzahead Boy was nervous, and he didn’t like the thought that he was lured to this island unwittingly.

“I was lost and I’ve been to so many places and met many faces. I’ve battled rainy days and nights, danced with enemies I thought were my allies. I survived and I know what to do. I don’t need your help!” Pizzahead boy retorted angrily.

“You have to choose the right battles when you draw your sword. We are part of you that you have ignored for a very long time. Stop being stubborn and arrogant. You are not rhymed with your rituals.” said the Tree.

And with that, every movement on the island stopped. The creatures halted and turned their eyes on Pizzahead Boy. And before he could say anything, the tree continued.

“It is not about how far you have come, but how far left you have to go. Be wise. It’s all about Time.”

Pizzahead Boy fell silent. And only the sound of water can be heard.




Life works in mysterious ways, as I find myself closing chapters and opening new ones without hesitation.When life was a drag, Dragged was created. And when I decided to go into the purple wall, Deeper Than Purple marked the next chapter. So, I’ve decided to sail again, and this time I landed on an island filled with Rhyme and Rituals. It was like I was here before, but it feels so different.

The Gemini Tree revealed my past in multiple forms. And its untamed branches hold ritualistic images that rhyme. And it said to me that it’s not about what I went through and where I am now, but what I am left with to keep going.

Never dream about the ‘someday’. Because ‘someday’ is never in the calendar.

And, it’s all about Time.

– RM