Your Music Journey:

Simplified and Personalized

'Every student’s music journey is uniquely different'

That is the philosophy Rosli Mansor deeply believes in.

Whether you are looking to pick up guitar lessons from scratch, unwind with music therapy after a long day’s work, or looking to refine your skills to go pro, there will be a specially tailored guitar learning program just for you.

Simplified, interactive, and structured to your learning pace, you can expect to leave every guitar lesson inspired, confident and eager for more.

Discover yourself. Improve your well-being. Explore your love of music.

The Key to
Mastering Music

For over three decades, Rosli Mansor has distilled his wisdom and refined his proprietary teaching methodology into the unique Tri-M Methodology of today: Mode, Mood and Motive.

With Motive, we encourage you to play with your heart and let the chords, strings, and music flow through you. Mood is how we stay in rhythm and dynamics. Finally, Mode is where knowledge is gained and utilized.

Read more about the three fundamental pillars of the Tri-M methodology.

Music Mentor for Life

Find the Soul of Sound

Every lesson with Rosli Mansor is designed to help you tap into the soul of music. Be inspired and motivated on your music journey and gain valuable insights into the industry with unique opportunities to jam and interact with fellow musicians.

So, whether you’re looking to refine your guitar, get even more mad serious about perfecting how you play, or simply want to have that one-on-one connection through music, you’ll discover an enthusiastic and nurturing mentor in every lesson with Rosli Mansor.

Don’t just take our word for it – let the raving reviews from his students speak for themselves!

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